Use EpiCollect to collect data with GeoKey

Oliver Roick

We are happy to officially announce the EpiCollect extension for GeoKey. EpiCollect is a mobile and web application to collect data using bespoke forms. This extension allows you to use EpiCollect’s mobile client to collect data for GeoKey.

You can install EpiCollect for GeoKey within minutes and start collecting data now.

This is is the first of several extensions we will be releasing in the coming months. The new extensions will address GeoKey’s biggest shortcoming: The lack of client applications to collect, visualise and analyse data. We designed GeoKey as a data infrastructure for all kinds of participatory mapping platforms. Therefore, provides only the back-end along with the means set-up and manage projects as well as storing and retrieving data via an open API.

Do you have a client application you want to connect with GeoKey? Learn how to use the API or build your own extension if you need more bespoke functionality.