Collect, share, visualise and analyse data with GeoKey and these tools.

Collect data for GeoKey

GeoKey, being a data platform, does not come with a front-end to interact with data.

There are, however, client-side applications that integrate with GeoKey and enable your community to collect data.

Community Maps

Developed by Mapping for Change, this browser-based application is a sophisticated way to view, collect and edit data with GeoKey.

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The Sapelli platform facilitates data collection across language or literacy barriers through highly configurable icon-driven user interfaces.

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The smart phone app is developed at Imperial College London and can be used to collect data on the go.

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Build your own app

GeoKey comes with an open API that you can use to connect bespoke client applications.

Read the API docs Learn how to use the API

Export, analyse and visualise data

You can export from GeoKey data for analysis and visualisation in the tools of your choice.

Export data

Use the export extension to export data from your projects to GeoJSON and KML.

Import exported data into third-party applications

Exported data can be imported into tools for analysis and visualisation. Here are some guides to get you started.