Version 0.4 is here

Oliver Roick

We are happy to announce the release of version 0.4 of Geokey. As the project matures we introduce less new features and focus on stabilising the code base, hence this release includes mainly bug fixes and security updates.

New stuff

However, we introduced some minor changes to features.

  • Options for TextField settings have been extended. You can now define the maximum length for input text as well as decide if the field should be displayed as input field or text area on client side.

  • Everything related to user accounts is now handled via django-all-auth. For now, this doesn’t change anything for you or your users. It just provides the basis for new features we want to introduce in the near future, such as email verification or signing up via Twitter, Facebook or Google.

How to update

  1. Fetch the latest version from Github and checkout the stable branch

     git fetch
     git checkout stable/0.4.x
  2. Update the dependecies

     pip install -U -r requirements.txt
  3. Add changes to the data base

     python migrate
  4. If you’re running Apache you need to update your WSGI settings again. (We’re working on making this more convenient for you.)

    Open the WSGI file in your text editor

     vim core/settings/wsgi.cgi

    and update the system path to your GeoKey directory

  5. Restart Apache if applicable

     sudo service apache2 restart

Coming up

For the next release we are planning two bigger changes:

  • We’ll provide a Pypi package, which will make installing and updating GeoKey a lot easier.
  • We also switch from hstore to jsonb, which will make querying data more efficient.