Version 0.8 released

Oliver Roick

We are happy to announce the next release of GeoKey today. This release includes improvements and upgrades to existing features as well as a few bug fixes.


  • All dependencies have been upgraded. GeoKey now runs on Django 1.8, which is a long-term support version that will receive security updates for the next few years.
  • Search has been improved. This mainly affects how the search index is created internally and how we match contributions against a query. Search ignores the order of terms in both the search query and the search index, which means more relevant results are being returned. Search also includes numeric fields now (Thanks to Julius).
  • Superuser tools now include functionality to re-active inactive users of the platform.

Removed features

  • We removed the API endpoint to contact the project administrators. This was a feature that has not been used much.


  • #299: When files are uploaded to a contribution, their count in the contribution is now updated correctly.
  • #308: Administrators where able to add the same user more than once to the list of administrators, which caused integrity errors. This is now fixed. (Thanks to Julius)
  • #317: When adding a new admin to a project, their name now shows up immediately, now page reload needed.

How to update

Follow the update guide to update GeoKey to version 0.8.