Version 0.9 released

Julius Osokinas

We are happy to announce the next release of GeoKey today. This release includes improvements and upgrades to existing features as well as a few bug fixes.


  • All dependencies have been upgraded, except for Django. We continue using v1.8, which is a long-term support version.
  • GeoKey extensions can now register their version and GeoKey displays this in the admin pages (together with Matthias)
  • Added ability to lock projects, which will then restricts further editing of a structure of a project.
  • Added support for audio files as documents (big thanks to Matthias)
  • Lookup values for select boxes and multiple selects can now have images assigned to them.
  • Various fixes and improvements on admin templates.


  • #318: Rename “categories.serializer” to “categories.serializers”
  • #322: Reseting password when logged in shows a link to “sign up”, which does not work
  • #324: Public API endpoint to request server information (thanks to Matthias)
  • #325: Django 1.8 server complains about TEMPLATE_DEBUG when in dev mode (thanks to Matthias)
  • #326: Linebreaks are not preserved in messages.html (thanks to Matthias)
  • #328: Convert readme to rst format so pypi page looks nice

How to update

Follow the update guide to update GeoKey to version 0.9.