Web API Docs Document reponse



Parameter Type Description
id Integer Unique identifier of the document.
name String Name of the document.
description String Detailed description of the document.
file_type String Type of the document. Can be ImageFile or VideoFile.
isowner Boolean True if the user authenticated with the request has created the document.
url String Relative URL to retrieve the document. Videos are uploaded to the specified Youtube account, the url then indicates the link to the video, that can be embedded into your application.
thumbnail_url String Relative URL to the document thumbnail.
creator Object User, who created the document.
created_at Timestamp Date and time when the document has been created.


    "id": 66,
    "name": "Photo of the playground",
    "description": "It clearly shows that the swing is broken",
    "isowner": true,
    "url": "/media/user-uploads/img-2165.jpg",
    "thumbnail_url": "/media/user-uploads/img-2165.jpg.300x300_q85_crop.png",
    "file_type": "ImageFile",
    "creator": {
        "id": 422,
        "display_name": "Peter Schmeichel"
    "created_at": "2014-06-05T11:31:02.613Z"