Help Field types


    Fields define what information you want your contributors to collect. On this page, we provide an overview of data types that are availbe for fields and when to use them.


    Text fields should be used for simple text inputs, such as name, an address or a description.


    Use numeric fields to collect numbers. For a numeric field, you can also define a minimum and maximum value, which need to be matched when contributing data.

    Date and Time

    To collect information about date and time use Date and Time.


    To collect information about dates only, without time.


    To collect information about times only, without date.

    Select box

    Use select boxes when you want to provide contributors with a list of pre-defined values. Contributors can then select one of the values from that list. For example, a list of countries in Europe can be defined as a select box.

    Multiple select

    A multiple select is similar to Select box, but it allows users to select an arbitrary number of pre-defined values.