Web API Docs List documents



GET /api/projects/:project_id/contributions/:contribution_id/media/

URL parameters

Parameter Type Description
project_id Integer Unique identifier for the project.
contribution_id Integer Unique identifier for the contribution.


The response contains an array of all documents attached to the contribution.

        "id": 66,
        "name": "Photo of the playground",
        "description": "It clearly shows that the swing is broken",
        "isowner": true,
        "url": "/media/user-uploads/img-2165.jpg",
        "thumbnail_url": "/media/user-uploads/img-2165.jpg.300x300_q85_crop.png",
        "file_type": "ImageFile",
        "creator": {
            "id": 422,
            "display_name": "Peter Schmeichel"
        "created_at": "2014-06-05T11:31:02.613Z",

Response codes

Code Reason
200 The documents has been returned successfully.
404 The project or contribution or document was not found. For security reasons we do not leak information about private projects, hence we don’t confirm existence private projects to unauthorised users.